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Should I Sod or Seed my Landscaping This Year?

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Seed, sod, seed, sod… they sound similar but really are not! Both grow grass, though.

The words seed and sod might look and sound very similar, but the processes involved are actually quite different. Both involve drawing new grass for your lawn, yard, or area that needs landscaping, but other than that, they are entirely different. There are situations in which sodding is better, and there are situations in which seeding is better. So, how do you know when the best grass-laying solution is supposed to be used? Here’s a guide to help determine whether to sod or seed your desired landscaping for the best effect. 

What is Sodding?

Sod is a pre-grown patch of grass that can be transplanted onto any area with suitable soil and good conditions to grow it. It is generally grown on a farm by sodding professionals, who then remove the sod from the ground and move it to its desired destination. As a result, sodding is the process of laying the grass to its new home and the process of it integrating itself into the soil. 

What is Seeding?

Seeding is essentially growing grass from scratch. Instead of the grass already being grown upon arrival, you will have to cultivate your grass from the roots up for your landscaping project. 

Sodding Pros and Cons

Sodding is a much easier solution to those who are landscaping beginners or those without much of a green thumb. Sod is relatively weed-free when it is first laid and is also very useful for placement on sloped surfaces where germination and rooting by normal means may be difficult. In addition, sod can be laid upon landscaping at any time during growing seasons (although there are best times to lay sod.) Some disadvantages of sod are that it is generally more expensive and there are more limited types of grass to choose from.

Seeding Pros and Cons

Seeding is a method recommended for landscaping pros who really know everything about growing plants and grass. Since you purchase the seeds yourself, there is a lot of customization options available for your landscaping project when it comes to grass type. Initially, the roots of your grass will be healthier since it is germinating directly into the available soil instead of being placed on top. Lastly, seeding is usually much less expensive than sod laying. However, seeding has disadvantages as well. For example, seeding can only be done a few times in the year, usually in the late summer or early fall, due to the grass plants needing to grow. Seeding is also a much more involved landscaping process since it is rather easy for the seeds to fail to germinate without proper care. 

Bottom Line

If you are inexperienced with landscaping or growing plants, try installing sod. If you are confident in your plant growing ability, seeding might be for you. 

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