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How a Sod Supplier Prevents Sod Laying Mistakes

quantico sod farm sod supplier

A sod supplier like Quantico Creek has lots of experience in laying beautiful sod.

Laying sod seems like a relatively straightforward process. You buy a patch of sod that will eventually grow into beautiful, green grass to create that perfect American front lawn. The only thing you’ll have to do is place the sod down on a bald patch in the yard, and then the grass will grow, right? Well, not if you don’t know what you are doing. A reputable sod supplier like Quantico Sod Farm has seen many customers incorrectly install their sod over the years. Here is a guide on what to avoid while laying sod from the words of a sod supplier themself to make sure your lawn grows quickly and healthy. 

Don’t Get It Delivered Too Far Ahead from a Sod Supplier

A sod supplier knows to never order sod many months in advance, and ordering sod should never be the first step. There is a lot of preparation into laying sod that must be done before contacting a sod supplier. For example, your yard or affected area must be premeasured before ordering the sod. Also, you must remember that sod is grass seeds. Seeds are alive, and like all plants, need sunshine and water to germinate. When rolled up into a sod roll as supplied from a sod supplier, the grass cannot grow properly, causing it to die and rot. You must be prepared to lay your sod quickly, as it cannot be stored for very long without decomposing. 

Have a Prepared Yard

In order to install sod from a sod supplier, you’ll need to clean the affected area completely of wildlife. This includes all remnants of old grass, weeds, trees, and critter holes. Otherwise, the sod will not be able to take root properly. The soil must also be raked and watered gently to make sure it is healthy for the grass to grow in. Additionally, there are different requirements for edging the lawn around hardscaping like sidewalks and patios. 

Make Sure the Sod is Even

A sod supplier will provide you with sod and can help you lay it for an additional fee. If you choose to lay it yourself, make sure to keep the sod as even as possible while placing it in the intended areas. It might seem as easy as unrolling a carpet, but this isn’t necessarily true. Some advice from a sod supplier? You’ll want to stagger strips and pattern them almost like bricks. This will result in the most attractive, even grass pattern out there once the grass grows in.

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