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Types of Sod

Quantico Creek Sod Farms is the largest provider of MD State Certified Sod in the Mid-Atlantic. Since our inception, our production has grown from a humble 30-acre field to over 4,500 acres of turf grasses. Automated machinery strengthens the sod quality and speeds up the rate of production. Quality is the defining characteristic and driving motivation behind our brand. From planting to shipping, we control every aspect of the operation to ensure consistent, high-quality sod and service for our customers.

Sod selections vary every year. We specialize in Kentucky Bluegrass, Tall Fescue, and an array of warm season grasses. Each sod type is characterized by distinct features and presents unique benefits. It’s important to weigh the attributes of each sod selection before placing an order. Our team will walk you through the descriptions of each sod type and help you choose the best grass for your home or business.

Kentucky Bluegrass

Most customers are drawn to our Kentucky Bluegrass sod due to its beautiful aesthetic. Characterized by rounded tips and vibrant green coloring, Kentucky Bluegrass adds curb appeal to your home. The tenacious sod is often used for sports fields because it won’t get damaged easily. It survives cold weather with ease and multiplies.

Tall Fescue

Cool season sod like tall fescue can withstand even the most bitter winter weather. Maryland certified tall fescue sod is a popular selection for sports fields due to its tough nature. It can support heavy foot traffic from soccer games without displaying markings or damage.

Warm Season Grasses

We offer two varieties of warm season grasses: Bermuda and Zoysia. Both kinds of grass originate from tropical regions and thrive in a hot climate. During autumn and winter months, the cold weather causes these grasses to fade to brown and go dormant until spring.

Bermuda grasses are available as either sod or sprigs. These grasses are low maintenance and easy to grow. Due to their tropical origins, bermudagrasses a very tolerant to high heat. In contrast, they become dry and brittle during the winter.

You don’t need to have a green thumb to care for Zoysia grasses! The drought tolerant sod is very durable and beginner friendly. Zoysia grasses flourish with almost any combination of water and sunlight. This sod is low maintenance but incredibly durable. Zoysia is resistant to diseases, insects, and weeds. Its soft texture is very appealing for homeowners, making it a popular selection for lawns.

The Quantico Creek team produces and delivers Kentucky Bluegrass, Tall Fescue, and warm season sod pallets to our clients. Our expert team conducts all trucking and packaging, and no order is too small or too big. Whether you need one pallets of sod or twenty tractors worth, we have the resources and skills needed to get the job done! For more information about sod production, please contact us today!