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Quantico Creek Sod Farms is a premier sod supplier for commercial and residential client. Though our blends vary year-to-year, we specialize in Kentucky Bluegrass, Tall Fescue, and warm season grasses. Whether you’re a professional landscaper or a weekend warrior, our team is equipped with the resources to accommodate all orders. Our wide coverage area elevates the accessibility to our products, and we place a deep value on customer satisfaction. With Quantico Creek, customers know to expect high-quality sod and excellent customer service.

Our sod achieves consistent high-quality due to our efficient and detail-oriented production. We use high-tech machinery to speed up our production rate and improve our soil quality. From seeding to fertilization, all aspects of the operation are controlled by our team to keep the sod at peak quality for delivery. Sod is harvested the day of its delivery to ensure fresh quality for our customers. No order is too big or too small, and we customize sod requests to support client needs.

Seeding and Maintenance

The first stage of the production process is the seeding. We double plant our fields with the proper amount of seeds. The Tall Fescue field is planted with 375 lbs of seed per acre, while the Kentucky Bluegrass area is planted with 100 pounds of seeds per acre.

Sod maintenance is crucial for growth. To promote a healthy harvest, we mow our sod every two or three days. Sod height is kept at approximately 2 inches high.


One pound of fertilizer is applied to the sod per every one thousand square feet. During the grow-in period, fertilization is conducted monthly. The specific fertilizer used is dependent on the sod type. For example, our team uses ammonium sulfate to fertilize Tall Fescue grasses, and ammonium nitrate to fertilize Kentucky Bluegrass.

Spray Program

To protect our sod quality, we spray our fields with fungicides and insecticides as needed. Fungicide application strengthens the sod and prevents common diseases such as Brown Patch, Grey Leaf Spot and Pythium. We also use herbicides as needed. Sod health is an utmost priority for our team, and we employ all weapons in our arsenal to combat damage to our fields.

Sod is available for convenient pick-up at our sod farm or next day delivery to your doorstep. For more information about residential and commercial sod from Quantico Creek Sod Farms, please explore our FAQ’s or contact us for a sod quote!