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Steps to Order

Quantico Creek Sod Farms is a residential sod supplier you can trust for high-quality products! Our sod selections vary every year, but focus on three key sod types. We specialize in Kentucky Bluegrass, Tall Fescue, and warm season grasses. Retail sod is of the highest quality, and available for pickup or delivery. Our commitment to excellence is echoed in all stages of our work, and we highly value attentive customer service.

Order your residential sod today! We streamline the process into four steps for our customers: prepare, measure, order, and pickup or delivery. The steps are kept short and sweet to eliminate confusion and promote efficiency. Our team will be accessible to answer all inquiries during each stage, and provide expert guidance on sod qualities. Invest in your lawn today with high-quality sod!

Step One: Prepare

The first step is to prepare your lawn. Before new sod arrives, you must remove old grass to make room for the new sod pallet. Next, explore your sod options and determine the specific type of grass that you want for your lawn. We offer three types of sod, Kentucky Bluegrass, Tall Fescue, and warm season grasses. Our warm season grasses include Zoysia grasses and bermudagrasses. Each sod type varies in durability, appearance, and texture. It’s important to weigh the benefits of each grass and consider the space it will go into.

Step Two: Measure

Next, measure your yard to decide how much sod you need to order. Consult one of our team members or use our sod calculator for guidance. All details should be finalized before placing your order.

Step Three: Order

Place an order for your residential sod! In your order, please specify the delivery location, the sod type, and the square feet of sod ordered. We offer both pickup or delivery for orders within our coverage area to accommodate all busy schedules. Orders placed before noon will typically receive next day delivery. Get a free quote now!

Step Four: Pickup or Deliver

Residential sod is available for pickup at our sod farm, or convenient delivery. While placing your order, please specify the option you prefer. Unlike most sod farms, our team has the ability to deliver your sod directly to your yard! We do all our own trucking, controlling all aspects of the operation from start to finish. Customer satisfaction is our chief goal, and we strive to improve accessibility and convenience for homeowners with our sod delivery services.

Step Five: Prioritize Lawn Maintenance

Our team will ensure that all sod is high-quality, amplifying the curb appeal of your home. Lawn maintenance is essential, and we will leave you with the information and resources you need to keep your sod healthy. Regular maintenance will prevent fungi growth on your landscape. Fungi is incredibly harmful because it deprives the lawn of essential nutrients like sunlight or water, and creates an eyesore on your home exterior. We recommend that you implement a frequent lawn care routine to elevate the life-span of your lawn and keep the grass looking beautiful.

Quantico Creek Sod Farms is a premier sod supplier with a wide area of coverage. Whether you live in Fredericksburg, Virginia or the Washington, DC metro area, our homeowner sod is accessible by delivery straight to your doorstep. Contact us today for a sod quote! Our commitment to quality outshines our competitors, and no order is too big or too small.