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Get a Head Start on Lawn Edging Season!

Get a Head Start on Lawn Edging Season!

At last, your lawn is growing nicely, and you’ve finished the mowing. Now, lawn edging can happen!

There is something tremendously pleasing about the look of a lush, green, manicured lawn with crisp edges. Even people who inexplicably hate grass see the aesthetic appeal of the finished, polished product. Those beautiful, crisp, clean edges don’t happen all by themselves, however. They take work, and a great lawn game plan, which you should start building now – spring is right around the corner, after all.

Start With The Lawn

If the grass isn’t lush, healthy, and beautifully green, even the cleanest edging won’t make it look great. A great-looking lawn starts as a healthy lawn, so that’s where you should start too. Having a game plan for how you will help your lawn be healthy and beautiful this year is a must. If you know that your yard has issues with weeds, brown spots, or bare patches, now is the time to plan how you will control the weeds and spruce up the grass. Once you have a lovely and lush lawn, then you can move on to the following steps to make it look polished and pristine.

Establish A Mowing Schedule

You should always mow before you edge. If you try to edge first, at best, you will end up with an edge that is a different height than the rest of the lawn. At worst, you could scalp the edges and end up with bare spots along the border. Decide now how often you can reasonably expect to mow your lawn and devise a schedule. If you plan to do it every other weekend, commit to it for the health of your grass, but remember that if it gets too hot in the height of the summer, cutting can do more harm than good.

Edge With A Trimmer

At last, your lawn is growing nicely, and you’ve finished the mowing. Now, lawn edging can happen! The only tool you’ll need is your trimmer. First, flip the trimmer head so that the head is facing outwards. The strings should spin perpendicular to the ground rather than parallel to it. The shield should still be between you and the trimmer head. As you walk the edge where you’re trimming, walk on the path. Don’t go on the grass; keep the trim line in the crevice between the grass and the hardscaping. Try to keep the trimmer head even as you move. Go slowly, moving in the opposite direction of the trimmer’s spin cycle (walk left to right if the trimmer is spinning clockwise).  Once you’re done, clean the trimmer right away so that it is ready for the next time you need it.

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