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5 Tremendous Tips for Sprucing Up Your Lawn as Spring Approaches

Tips for Sprucing Up Your Lawn as Spring Approaches

Many lawn care dilemmas seem impossible to fix, but they can be done.

Winter only has a few weeks left. Although this sounds unlikely, given how it just snowed, March is almost here. While it’s true that the spring equinox won’t occur for another month, it’s still an encouraging sign for homeowners everywhere. Many lawn care dilemmas seem impossible to fix, but they can be done. We’ve compiled a list of helpful tips and tricks to help you out!

Thickening Your Sparse-Looking Grass

Thinning grass is often caused by ordinary wear and tear. Cold weather can be brutal even when there isn’t any precipitation falling on the ground. One quick and easy way to remedy this is by using the overseeding technique. When you are beginning your first overseeding experiment, be sure to follow all of the directions printed on the label. Spreaders will also make this task go faster. 

Filling In Random Bare Patches 

Even if your lawn looks pretty healthy, you might spot other problems. For instance, suppose that your grass looks fine when the weather is mild. Even so, you might notice randomly-placed bare patches where no grass seems to grow. Specially-formulated packets of grass seed can fix this problem. The lawn food included in these packages will nourish the starving roots and boost their growth potential. All you have to do is water the seedlings until they are about two inches high.

Dealing with Unsightly Brown Spots 

All right, so now let’s imagine that your lawn has bizarre brown spots on it. These problem areas aren’t fun to look at; they also indicate that something is wrong. Potential causes include grubs, fungus, and foot traffic. Weed dieback and dog urine can also affect the integrity of the grass holding your landscape together. 

Fighting Off Grub Infestations 

Grubs are tricky little blighters. You’ll know them when you see them because they are fat, C-shaped troublemakers. Grubs are newly-hatched baby beetles who feast on the plants and grasses covering your lawn. Anti-grub treatments can minimize the damage done by these pests, though. Feel free to make use of them via your spreader if you think that they’re to blame for your landscaping woes!

Getting the Weeds Under Control 

As always, weeds are a persistent nuisance. Dandelions, dollarweed, oxalis, and Creeping Charlie are a few particularly stubborn species that will frustrate you to no end. Try mowing, watering, and fertilizing – these are the best tactics to get rampant weeds under control. 

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