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Why You Should Consider Planting a New Lawn

Why You Should Consider Planting a Clover Lawn

You might not know what it’s like to start a new lawn.

You might not know what it’s like to start a brand new lawn. Starting a brand new lawn is a great project for welcoming spring back to life. Even so, there are ways to do it more easily. Here is what that entails

They Resist Drought 

We’re still early in spring, but summer isn’t far behind. It may surprise you to know that a lawn can withstand the withering caused by heat better than an old lawn that has worn out roots. The roots of these plants can delve deeper into the ground and get more moisture, which is valuable for all plant life and for that matter, human and animal life, too. Too much moisture is just as bad as not enough, but when a drought hits, you won’t have to worry about it now! Luckily, this means you won’t have to spend as much time watering your lawn so you can spend more time with your family. It also stays greener, which must be a relief!

They are Self-Sustaining

Another reason to choose new lawns is that they can feed themselves. Since they are self-sustaining, you won’t need to worry about feeding them as much as you would with other types of lawns. The nitrogen is recycled and multiplied, so in other words, the lawn will find ways to continue its cycle of thriving and being green and beautiful even when the other lawns in your neighborhood aren’t doing so well.  

They Establish More Quickly 

Taking small steps makes a difference. You might feel sad that your lawn isn’t taking the way you expect it to, but that isn’t the case with a brand new lawn. That’s because the roots will start to dig in sooner than you can imagine. Waiting for a magically green lawn just in time for the full swing of spring won’t be a huge obstacle that sounds impossible. Just be sure to choose the right turf and sod for your new lawn! 

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