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Protecting Your Lawn from Animals

Protecting Your Lawn from Animals quantico creek sod

Here are some tips for protecting your lawn from animals.

Some wild animals can be downright adorable. Others are massive nuisances. Regardless, both of them can present an existential threat to your landscape. Keeping these critters out of your yard is one of the best ways to ensure nothing happens. Warmer weather is here, and that means more time spent outside. You, your family, and your pets need to be safe as you all enjoy the sunshine. That’s because these unwanted interlopers sure will! 

Establish an Exclusion Zone 

If you’re not sure what an exclusion zone is, allow us to enlighten you! It basically means to keep intruders out of your yard. Doing this is even more helpful at night when you’re not going to be outside and watching for animals who want to chow down in your garden. The fastest way to set up a barrier is to put up some fences. Even so, you’ll need to cooperate with your neighborhood HOA and observe the rules and regulations issued by your local government. Every fence needs thoughtfully considered countermeasures to discourage animals from entering your boundaries. 

Stop Them From Entering

Along those same lines, something you can try is to stop them from entering your property. How is this any different from installing a fence? That’s a great question. Stones and bricks can keep your trash can lids secured. Alternatively, you could use vinyl straps, which are just as useful and not as heavy. If you tend to leave pet food outside during the day, bring them inside after dark. A garden fence can also ward off any critters who want to munch on your homegrown herbs and crops.   

Disrupt Their Sense of Smell 

Many creatures have a keen sense of smell. Even your ordinary housepets do! Naturally safe repellants are easy to find. These measures are going to be your best choice for ensuring your lawn stays as beautiful as it has been until now. Plus, no one will be harmed by these products.

Use Simple Scare Tactics

Fear is a powerful motivator. Although it sounds cruel, using some simple scare tactics works like a charm. Motion detectors equipped with loud sonic devices can cause birds to fly off in a panic. Balloons and wind-blown strips of foil are also effective, and they won’t startle you as you go about your day!

Get Your Yard Ready for Summer!

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