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How to Keep Your Lawn Healthy

How to Keep Your Lawn Healthy quantico creek sod

If you want to keep your lawn healthy, read on for some simple tips.

Everyone wants a beautiful yard that is inviting, lush, and beautiful. While some trends are away from planting and growing grass, that vision still means a healthy, lush, green lawn for many people. The truth is that a beautiful lawn doesn’t happen on its own in any climate or region. They take planning and commitment to keep them thriving and manicured into lawn perfection. This doesn’t have to translate into a never-ending season of strife and hardship as you wrestle your lawn into compliance. Sometimes, less is more. If you want a beautifully green and healthy lawn around your home or property, read on for some great, simple tips. 

Mow Less Often

This one might seem counterintuitive, but it’s an important tip. Don’t cut your grass too often (but also don’t cut it too rarely). If your healthy lawn goals are related to putting your home on the market, you should definitely cut it before showings, but generally, it is okay to let the grass grow a bit. The ideal height of your grass should be 3-3.5 inches tall. You should cut it once it is between 4 and 5 inches tall. You only want to take about 1/3 of the grass blade’s length when you cut it. If you are currently mowing your grass every weekend out of habit, you aren’t letting the grass grow enough to establish strong roots. The roots grow proportionately to the blade – if the blade never gets tall, the roots won’t go deep.

Not So Short

Also, don’t cut it too short. The opposite tactic of cutting the lawn every single week is to cut it super short so that you can go longer without having to cut it again. This is also bad for the grass. Grass is a plant that makes its energy through photosynthesis. Without enough grass blade area to perform photosynthesis, the grass won’t be able to make enough energy to be healthy and thrive. Letting the blades get long helps, but not cutting them too short is the best bet.

Don’t Overwater

Generally, this area gets a pretty good amount of rain each summer. Unless we find ourselves in a drought, we usually don’t need to worry about watering the grass (and during drought conditions, we’re usually not allowed to). The grasses that do well in this area are pretty tolerant of our summers, and many tend to go into dormancy during the extremely oppressive heat waves. If your grass is dormant, it is resting and doesn’t need water – and watering it or applying fertilizer during that time can do more harm than good. 

Get Your Yard Ready for Winter!

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