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Why You Should Buy Certified Sod

Why You Should Buy Certified Sod quantico creek sod

The installation of certified sod provides you with the following benefits.

Do you know there is a significant difference between certified and uncertified turf sod? “Certified” is more than just an appealing title; it indicates that the sod has been approved by those who know what is required for healthy sod. Turf inspectors are trained to identify weeds, off-type grass and plants, insects, diseases, and other pests that you do not want in your sod. Certified sod means free from pests, purity of the grass varietal, and overall good turf health. At Quantico Creek Sod, we provide the most Maryland State Certified Sod. MD-certified sod is a specification that is so robust it is the industry standard for Maryland, Virginia, DC, Delaware, and beyond. The installation of certified sod provides you with the following benefits. 

The Grass Species is Verified

Certified sod has been inspected to ensure that it is the proper turf type. Inspectors analyze the turf to ensure the turf varietal is “pure” and isn’t mixed with other types of turf grass. Why does this purity matter? You want to make sure you are getting precisely what you paid for. Plus, different grass varieties need different care. If you unknowingly have mixed turf, it will be harder to successfully maintain than a single healthy species

Your Turf is Free of Noxious Weeds

Maryland-certified sod has been checked for any noxious weeds in the sod crop. Noxious weeds are any plant harmful to animals, crops, or the natural environment. Most noxious weeds mature, spread rapidly, and can be difficult to eradicate. Weeds can be challenging to eliminate even in the best conditions, so you do not want your sod to come pre-contaminated with these challenges. 

Certified Sod Is Grown Under Tight Specifications 

In addition to being inspected by trained professionals, certified sod is also grown according to a specific set of industry standards. This list of standards covers the growing and harvesting period of turfgrasses. Compliance with these standards must be evaluated and confirmed before seeds are planted. These tight specifications and inspections are used to verify the integrity and health of the soil. 

Certified Sod Is Nationally Recognized 

If you purchase contaminated, uncertified turf grass, there are no federal or state laws in place that protect landscapers, field managers, or other turf professionals. This means there are no avenues to recoup losses if you are sold low-quality turf. This is why selecting Maryland-certified sod from Quantico Creek is always best. Our inspected and certified sod will provide you with the beautiful results you desire. 


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Since our inception from a humble 30-acre field to over 4,500 acres of turf grasses, Quantico Creek Sod Farm is now the LARGEST SOD FARM IN THE TRI-STATE AREA. Our service areas cover Pennsylvania, Maryland, DC Delaware, Virginia and Northern North Carolina. Order early and order often to ensure the best service possible. Contact us through our online page. Please find us at 27616 Little Lane, Salisbury, Maryland 21801. Our phone number is 410-449-5644, and our fax number is 410-742-6550. Speak to Jason Anderson for Turf Grass Sales. Reach him by email at Finally, follow us on social media on Facebook, LinkedIn, and our blog!

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