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Laying Sod in the Summer

Laying Sod in the Summer quantico creek sod

Here are some tips for laying sod in the summer.

If you’re wondering if you can lay sod in the summer, the answer is yes! If you’ve been looking into having sod installed, you may know that fall and spring are the most ideal seasons in which to lay sod. These seasons are cooler and experience heavier rainfall, making them the best seasons of the year for quick root establishment with less maintenance. However, these are not the only times of the year to lay sod. With a little bit of extra care, new sod can be laid even in the blistering heat of summer.

Prep Before Delivery

The most important step when installing sod during the summer is the preparation that needs to be done before it is delivered. Sod is living grass that needs to be handled with care. While it’s sitting on the pallet waiting to be rolled out, it’s vulnerable. It can quickly be damaged by excessive heat and drought, so having your yard ready at the time of delivery will allow you to immediately begin to lay the sod.

Lay Sod Quickly

Once the sod is delivered, it’s best to work quickly to get it rolled out and pressed so that it won’t be damaged on the pallets. For this, you can enlist the help of friends and family to make the whole process go faster and more smoothly. The quicker you get all of the sod rolled out and pressed down, the sooner you can be done and the sod will be more protected from sun and heat damage. Now it will have the opportunity to establish its root system in your soil over the next week.

Water Thoroughly

Once you’ve finished laying the sod, press it and water it thoroughly. Be mindful of how much water you use. You want to give the lawn a good soak without drowning it, so keep a close eye on how much water your lawn is getting and make sure there isn’t any water sitting on top. If the water stops draining into the soil at any point, stop watering. From there, simply follow the guidelines for sod maintenance over the next two weeks with a heavy emphasis on watering. Heat and drought are not ideal when laying sod, so it’s critical to ensure that your new sod is getting the water it needs to thrive.

Get Your Yard Ready for Summer!

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