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Five Benefits of Laying High-Quality Sod In Your Yard

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High-quality sod can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, including strips.

Having a beautiful home and an equally beautiful lawn is one important value of the modern American dream. But that gorgeous, lush green grass is usually not something that magically sprouts out the ground in front of your house; it’s actually the result of laying high-quality sod. There are so many types of high-quality sod to choose from at Quantico Creek, like Zoysia, but first, it’s best to understand why investing in high-quality sod over any regular grass sod is so much more beneficial for your yard. 

Sod Cools Down the Heat

Let’s be real– summers in Maryland are bizarre, to say the least. Some years they will be super rainy, some humid, and some completely dry like a drought. No matter the year or weather pattern, one thing’s for sure: the temperature will always be very hot. While this is nice for boating or swimming, it’s not so useful for regular people on a regular day. High-quality sod actually absorbs heat rather than reflect it like concrete, tiling, or asphalt. That’s why adding a grassy patch to your yard is a perfect solution to combat the heat.

High-Quality Sod Adds Monetary Value

Most people say having a nice kitchen or bathroom is the most desirable selling point of a home, but who can forget about a gorgeous, well-groomed yard? A yard, along with the house exterior, is often the first impression of your home you give off to others. When the home is on the market, a potential buyer will be much more elated to see a well-kept yard laid with high-quality sod rather than random weeds and overgrown plants. 

Sod Can Control Erosion

We know that sod can absorb heat, but it’s also great at absorbing water too. Water from rain or drain runoff can cause erosion of your yard, which can be really harmful to the environment around us. Installing high-quality sod in your yard can slow down the process of the erosion problem.

High-Quality Sod Cleans the Air We Breathe

Plants naturally absorb harmful CO2 from the air and convert it into oxygen, which all living animals, including humans, need to survive. In addition, the grass that grows from high-quality sod can also work as natural dirt and dust filter to keep those annoying pesky particles away from our homes. 

Sod Reduces Traffic Noise

Have you ever wondered why cities are so loud? On top of the mass of people and cars, there is barely any grass to absorb sound. Instead, the sounds are reverberated off of the concrete ground and buildings. Grass absorbs sound naturally. It’s nature’s carpet, after all. 

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