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The Summer Timeline of Lawn Maintenance

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In the early months of summer, make sure to mow high for the best lawn maintenance results.

This week marks the beginning of May, and by the end of this month, summer weather will be in full swing. That means lots of sunny days perfect for a dip in the pool; your garden flowers will wilt but leave behind some delicious fruits and vegetables, and it’s also a crucial time for grass lawn maintenance and care. But did you know that lawn maintenance differs depending on the time of summer? Here’s a lawn maintenance guide split into the various parts of summer for a perfect lawn care timeline.

Early Summer Lawn Maintenance

Early summer, or late May through June, is by far the most important time when it comes to lawn maintenance, and so there is a lot to do. First, it’s important to mow the lawn on a higher setting during this time because taller blades mean healthier roots that can absorb all the nutrients and water in the soil left behind by the previous spring season. Another important lawn maintenance tip is to use grass feed during this period. By feeding your grass in the early summer, your lawn will naturally become more resistant to the many days of hot, dry weather you will see when the summer heat reaches its peak. Lastly, this is the time to do some grub-killing lawn maintenance and do some weeding. Want a healthier lawn naturally? Leave the grass clippings in the yard to serve as a natural fertilizer and grass food. 

Midsummer Lawn Maintenance

Mid-summer, or late June to late July, is the period where it is by far the hottest outside all year long. Therefore, there is not a whole lot to do outside for the lawn. It’s recommended to keep your lawn fed with grass fertilizer every six or eight weeks during this period, so one or two times should suffice. This is also a period where you will likely need to manually water your grass with a sprinkler system due to fewer rainy days and more heat. A simple watering lawn maintenance tip is to try taking a screwdriver and sticking it into the soil after you water. If there is moisture on it at least 6-8 inches deep, then you are watering your lawn correctly. 

Late Summer Lawn Maintenance

Late summer is the end of July until the end of August. This is usually when you’ll start to see temperatures dropping and more rainfall in preparation for fall storm season. At the beginning of this stage, try to water your lawn in the morning to avoid sticky hot weather. Lastly, continue weeding the lawn to make sure you don’t get stuck with any nuisance fall weeds. 

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