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How to Use a Sprinkler System to Make Your Lawn Stronger Than Ever

How to Use a Sprinkler System

A sprinkler system can go a long way in helping your lawn stay green and healthy.

Most of the time, watering the lawn can be rather tedious. After all, it requires you to stand there with a hose in your hand, impatiently waiting to get the whole chore over with so you can move on with your day. Well, if that’s how you’ve been feeling, it may be the right time to invest in a high-quality sprinkler system for your lawn. That way you won’t have to be chilled while going about your lawn care tasks. Read on and find out just how beneficial sprinkler systems can be, whether you need to care for grass, sod, seed, or turf!

Take Your Time with Watering

Unlike the herbs and veggies planted in your garden box, your lawn isn’t as needy with its supply of water. As it turns out, watering your lawn too often is detrimental to its growth and development. While late winter tends to be somewhat dry – with lower amounts of precipitation – rain is still going to fall and add more nourishment to your grass. Drought stress is a problem in warmer weather, but it doesn’t always wait for spring and summer. That said, water stress encourages the roots to grow deeper.

Don’t Let the Sun Get Too Strong

Even when it is cold out, the sun is still surprisingly strong and steady. After all, the sun is always sending us light and heat even when our part of the globe is tilted away from it for a few more months. So, don’t let the sun get too strong. Water your lawn by turning on your sprinklers earlier in the day. Doing this before dawn will yield the best results, mainly because there’ll be less chance of evaporation affecting how much water your lawn’s roots will receive. As tempting as it is to do (given how short the day time is in winter) don’t night water. The blades of grass will still be damp overnight and thus will be exposed to more fungal infections than if they were dry.

Focus on Overlapping Streams

As odd and counterproductive as this advice sounds, do it anyway. Good coverage is essential for avoiding random dry spots that will hinder your efforts to keep your lawn looking lush and beautiful. Adjust the sprinkler system as needed to ensure your entire landscape is getting the water it needs.

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