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How to Manage Weed Control While Keeping Your Pets Safe

How to Manage Weed Control While Keeping Your Pets Safe

How can you deal with weed control and still avoid making your pets sick? Let’s find out!

The end of January is already here. You know what that means! It won’t be much longer until spring is back. Even so, February and March stand between us and that season of warmth and renewal. Unfortunately, there’s bound to be a party-crasher no one wants to see: a clump of weeds. How can you deal with weed control and still avoid making your pets sick? Let’s find out!

Make Sure You Read the Directions 

First things first, it is exceedingly important that you read the directions carefully. These directions and instructions are on the label for a good reason – weed-killing chemicals can be dangerous when misused. Not only is misusing the herbicide illegal, but it can also harm you, your pet, and your lawn

Wait for the Herbicides to Dry 

We also advise that you let the herbicides dry after you’ve sprayed them. The worse your weed infestation is, the more chemical solution you’ll need to use. In the meantime, don’t let your pet frolic on the grass like they usually do. 

Work Up a Sweat 

Weed control is straightforward. You might not be inclined to do any yard work during the week. That’s fine! Even though we are all still caught in the grip of winter’s chill, there is no time like the present to work up a sweat. Perhaps your new year’s resolution to visit the gym more often was derailed this year? If so, then some elbow grease in the yard will be beneficial to you on multiple levels! Use your hands and garden tools such as hoes to remove the weeds. Drop by nurseries and garden centers to get the right tools you need; younger weeds are more vulnerable and not as stubborn to pull out of the ground. 

Put Down More Mulch 

It might not be the right time yet, but stock up on mulch before everyone else on the block is clamoring for it. Bark chips and compost can stifle the rapid growth of weeds. Since they can’t soak up the sunlight or steal nutrients from the soil, the weed seeds will wither and be much easier to deal with as a result. 

Employ Helpful Landscape Fabrics 

Landscape fabrics can also make a difference! Using these materials, you can drown the weeds in the shade, stopping them from even emerging from the ground in the first place! While these woven materials are porous enough to let air, water, and sunshine nurture your plants and grasses while choking the life out of the invading weeds. 

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