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Weed Control: How to Deal with Weeds Infesting Your Lawn

Weed Control: How to Deal with Weeds Infesting Your Lawn

Weeds can easily get out of control. Once you see one, others are probably on their way.

Weeds can easily get out of control. Once you see one, others are probably on their way. Take stock of the condition of your lawn, because certain factors encourage weed growth instead of discouraging them. Let’s find out what you should do! 

Tips for Permanent Removal 

Find out if your lawn is already covered in weeds. Consider how you can do something about this state of affairs. Start mowing your grass higher. Make sure that the soil isn’t compacted, and that you give the turf enough water. Failing to set these conditions will cause weeds to overrun your lawn, or at least facilitate the weed invasion. By doing all of these things, you can keep weeds from coming back year after year. 

How to Avoid Killing Grass

One of the problems associated with killing weeds is that you run the risk of ruining the grass around them. There are two kinds of herbicides that you can use to resolve this issue. Try using either pre-emergent or post-emergent herbicides. Crabgrass and dandelions (yes dandelions are a type of weed!) can be dealt with this way. Use pre-emergent on crabgrass and post-emergent on dandelions. If you apply them correctly, then nothing bad will happen to your lawn!

Eliminating the Weeds 

Now let’s look at ways to eliminate weeds altogether. Walk around your lawn and figure out which weeds are growing, and where they are popping up. Before you can get any products, you should know your enemy. Here are some next steps to follow when you want to spruce up your lawn:

  • Find the right treatment for the weeds that are currently thriving. Again, to stop weeds in their tracks, invest in pre-emergent weed killers. Post-emergent will help you kill off weeds that are already there.
  • Follow all of the directions on the packaging. This will tell you how much product to use and when you should apply it. Read the bag at least three times to be sure you understand what you’re doing!
  • Maintain your lawn. Weeds grow all year long, so there are going to be methods to deal with them in fall and winter; but here in spring, you can pick them off by hand. Then mow your lawn through spring and summer, but don’t take more than a third of grass off the top. 

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