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Frequently Asked Questions About Grass Seeds

Frequently Asked Questions About Grass Seeds

When it comes to planting new grass seeds, you will no doubt have a bundle of questions.

When it comes to planting new grass seeds, you will no doubt have a bundle of questions. So whenever you are confused, don’t hesitate to ask. More often than not, there are some questions that crop up and are so frequently asked that they need to be answered. So if you want to build up your lawn this spring, this knowledge will definitely help! 

How Come My Grass Won’t Grow?

What is the environment around your lawn like? That has the most bearing on how well your grass will grow. An uneven distribution could stop it from growing correctly or even flourishing as it should. Drought conditions aren’t likely in the spring, but you might notice that it is different once summer is here. Too much water caused by severe storms can also drown the grass seeds or wash away their roots before the roots can settle. Weed control products can also stifle the growth cycle of your grass, which is why you need to use it with caution. Finally, the soil might just not be as fertile as it once was, and that is keeping your grass from thriving. 

What Does Overseeding Mean?

The next question that many homeowners ask has to do with overseeding. You see, it’s really quite simple – you just add more grass to a spot that already has grass on it. This is different than dealing with bald spots, as we will see shortly. Overseeding helps strengthen the turf and protect the sod

How Do I Deal with Bald Spots? 

Dealing with bald spots is a separate process that does involve overseeding, only you are adding that seed to a spot that looks thin and malnourished instead of thick and splendid. Consider the overall condition of your lawn, because overseeding the entire lawn only helps if you need to do it; for smaller-scale problems such as withering, browning, or balding then you have other solutions. Start the process by getting rid of dead grass and expired sod. Break up the soil so that you can lay down your new batch of grass seeds. Then water them and let them grow until they reach about three inches tall. 

How Long Do Grass Seeds Last? 

The final question that many homeowners ask relates to the expected lifespan of their grass seeds. Store the seeds in a cool, dry place that is easily accessible. By doing this, you can help the seeds live for 2-3 years. Even though it’s better to use fresh seed, older seeds will still germinate. 

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