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Lawn Mowing Season: How to Do It Better

Lawn Mowing Season: How to Do It Better

It’s lawn mowing season! If you want to increase your curb appeal, then it’s time to get serious about lawn maintenance.

It’s lawn mowing season! If you want to increase your curb appeal, then it’s time to get serious about lawn maintenance. However, you might not be sure how to do it in a safe and efficient way. Even if you live in a rental community, you are probably still obligated to cut the grass before it gets too long. Let’s find out more about lawn mowing! 

Pick the Right Mower 

You can’t mow the lawn without the right mower. The type of mower you choose will probably depend on how much grass you need to maintain. A small yard might only need a weed whacker that can take out weeds that are choking your garden while a medium-sized lawn calls for a push-mower. Larger yards and lawns need a riding mower if you want to be the most efficient when it comes to proper lawn care. You might also find that a battery-powered mower is more suitable for what you need, especially since it doesn’t need gas or oil, which can leave behind smelly fumes and be potentially dangerous if you aren’t careful when using the mower. 

Maintain the Lawn Mower 

Speaking of which, be sure to maintain the lawnmower. Leaving it alone in the garage for months on end makes sense when it’s cold out, but now that spring is in full swing and summer is hot on its heels, that means you need to make sure every component is working properly. This includes the height of the wheels if it has any. 

Adjust the Wheel Height 

The wheel height is important because it helps determine how long the grass will be after you are done cutting it. Warmer-season grasses like zoysia should be anywhere between a half-inch to two inches; bluegrass and fescue, on the other hand, are cool-season grasses, and as such, should be cut to different proportions – three or three and a half inches, wow!  

Clean Up the Yard First 

Any debris around your lawn could wreck the mower if you aren’t careful. That’s why it’s so important to clean up the yard before you begin – get rid of loose sticks, previous lawn clippings, fallen leaves, and so on. Then make sure you mark off objects that aren’t as easy to move around, such as pipes, drains, and sandboxes.  

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