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4 Late Spring Lawn Care Tips

4 Late Spring Lawn Care Tips

There is still time to take care of your lawn before any potential droughts hit the area. Let’s look at some useful lawn care tips before it’s too late.

It’s May, and you know what that means! Spring is drawing to a close and summer will soon be upon us. There is still time to take care of your lawn before any potential droughts hit the area. Let’s look at some useful lawn care tips before its too late

Fill In Bare Spots 

Start the job by filling in any bare spots that you see. Right now, you will want to focus on warm-season turf and sod. Make sure you water the affected areas every day until the grass has grown tall enough for you to mow safely. Once the new grass is two inches tall, you can start to mow since it matches the height of the other grass around it; just be sure to reset your mower blades to the correct height

Don’t Hesitate to Overseed 

Overseeding might sound unnecessary, but it is still important to do it. This technique can help the lawn grow thicker, and the goal of lawn care is to achieve a much healthier lawn. You might have to use different products depending on which type of grasses you have on your lawn. Let’s take a minute to consider the different types of grass

Cool-Season: Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, fine fescue, and tall fescue.

Warm-Season: Bermuda grass, zoysia, centipede, and bahia. 

Time to Destroy Dandelions 

Believe it or not, dandelions are invaders that can ruin your lawn. That’s because no matter how pretty they look, they are actually a weed. Using the right weed control products can reduce the number of weeds on your lawn and help the roots thrive as they should. You can also prevent the spread of other types of weeds, such as crabgrass that can be problematic year after year. 

Get Rid of Grubs  

Take the time to get rid of grubs. Any grubs hiding underground will be coming up to the surface. That’s because they want to munch on the roots. At some point, grubs will morph into beetles and begin to spawn, laying more eggs that will lead to more grubs as the cycle continues. Let’s rewind to this time last year: if you had trouble with grubs back then, then the chances are good that nothing has changed, especially if your neighbors tell you that they too are struggling with how to get rid of grubs in their yard.  

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