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How to Seed Your Lawn and Feed Your Grass

How to Seed Your Lawn and Feed Your Grass

Taking care of your lawn and grass should be a year-round endeavor, after all!

Spring is winding down and summer is coming up quicker than it feels, with this stay-at-home order still only easing up. Even so, that doesn’t mean you can’t get outside and get some yard work done. Taking care of your lawn and grass should be a year-round endeavor, after all

Deal with Thin Spots 

Balding grass is not a good look for your lawn. With summer coming and more sunshine on the way, you’ll have to worry about the problem of sunscald. Seeding now can save you time later on, such as when fall comes around again. Try using hand rakes and other similar tools to help make the dirt looser. That way, you can transplant the grass seeds where you want to put them. That’s how you treat thin spots on your lawn. Then give the grass down to settle down so it will have time for the roots to start spreading out. The stronger your roots are, the fewer thin spots you will see before they start balding. Be sure to water the roots of your grass too, just as you would water the plants and vegetables you keep in your backyard garden. 

Practice the Art of Overseeding 

The next trick is to practice the art of overseeding. At first, you probably think that overseeding is excessive. On the contrary, overseeding is actually beneficial, especially if you are worried about the condition of your grass right now. Some products combine fertilizers, soil enhancers, and new grass seed all in the same package. Others don’t, though; you’ll have to judge for yourself what you need. Now it’s time to think about how to mow your lawn under these conditions. Go as low as you can without making the blade too low – that’s because you want to make your grass about two inches high. Rake the lawn to remove any debris that is left behind. Again, be sure to water at regular intervals as well.   

Feed Your Grass Carefully

Now the time has come to feed your grass. Late spring is a great time to add more fertilizer to help strengthen the grass before drought conditions and summer heat waves arrive. Be on your guard against dollarweed, fire ants, grubs, beetles, or other pests that might be looking to take over your lawn and make it their new home. Evict any unwanted guests to keep your lawn’s grass looking green and pristine!   

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