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Is Your Lawn Getting Enough Water?

Is Your Lawn Getting Enough Water?

You need to water your lawn. Just like watering your garden, you need to be sure that the roots are healthy and strong.

You need to water your lawn. Just like watering your garden, you need to be sure that the roots are healthy and strong. Oversaturating the lawn is a bad thing, and it isn’t the same as overseeding. Here’s what you can do about oversaturated lawns

Rain Rain Go Away 

Even if you don’t have an irrigation system, you can’t rely on mother nature all the time. Have you ever heard the saying that when it rains, it pours? That much is true, especially when it comes to lawn care. After all, you want to be sure that your lawn gets enough water, and too much is just as bad as not enough. So when you see rain in the forecast, it’s time to do something. Go outside and turn off the sprinklers, or whatever irrigation system you use. If you’re not sure how to do this, then ask the experts! You can also take advantage of nifty technology that automatically handles this task for you, meaning you have less to worry about when it comes to watering your lawn. For instance, you could use a rain sensor, and then you won’t need to do anything yourself. 

Here Comes the Sun 

So what happens when the sun comes back out again? That’s a good question. Stay away from your lawn for the time being. Although this sounds like strange advice, trust us, it’s better if you do. The soil needs to have time to dry out after the latest rainstorm. If you decide to mow the lawn too soon, then you could create ruts in the ground. Look for any debris that was left behind, and get rid of it. Doing this helps reduce the possibility of fungus or other lawn diseases from happening and destroying your lawn. Take the time to put down some fertilizer, too, just to make sure that your grass thrives once it gets the right amount of water.

In the Near Future  

Now then, let’s turn our attention to the near future. Your grass seeds might be ruined by flooding, and you don’t want that to happen. Try building a raised garden bed and also look at how to go about performing aeration on your lawn. Are there any drainage problems that could be interfering with how your lawn is growing? Find out the answer to that question by investigating. 

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