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May Lawn Care for Cool Season Grasses

Quantico Creek Sod Farm May Lawn Care

Stay on schedule with your cool season grass maintenance to keep your lawn in perfect health all year long.

As spring begins to come to a close and make way for summer, it’s important to make sure your lawn care routine is on track. Summer is a great time for growth thanks to the sunshine, but it can also bring extreme heat and drought to your lawn. Without careful maintenance and smart proactive measures, your lawn could go from being vibrant and lush to dull and patchy. Make sure you get started on your lawn care for cool season grasses this May.


If you’re fertilizing twice a year, May is the perfect time to do your spring fertilization for your lawn. If you’ve been maintaining your lawn for a while, you’ll have a good handle on which fertilizers are best for your soil. If you’re dealing with a new lawn that has an unknown history, or this is your first time doing lawn care, it might be worth it to consider taking in a sample to be tested. This will give you a snapshot of your lawn’s health, as well as any nutrient deficiencies. If you’re inexperienced, you can consult a professional about the best fertilizer options for your lawn. They might even offer extra advice that you find helpful as you get used to your new lawn care routine.


If you didn’t have the chance to seed in April, now is the time to make sure it gets done. Overseeding is important for making sure you achieve a thick, lush lawn for summer. Using seed mixed with fertilizer is a good option if you need to do both. Using a spreader will make this task quick and easy, providing optimal coverage and the best results.

Weed Control

The weeds should be out in full force by now, and it’s important to spot treat them every time you see one. It is best to get to these when they are still small because big ones are already getting established and out-competing your grass for nutrients. It’s also important to get them while they’re small for the best and quickest result from your spot treatments. Left unchecked, weeds will strip your soil of nutrients and cause your lawn to brown and wilt.


Your mower should be adjusted to cut 2-3 inches off the top of your grass to create a clean, uniform look. Mow your lawn each week to maintain your optimal look and height so that your grass doesn’t grow into a jungle and your lawn is always well-manicured. This adds to your curb appeal while creating a soft carpeting of grass for you to enjoy, and kids and pets to play on.

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