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How to Properly Mow a Lawn

How to Properly Mow a Lawn quanitco creek sod farm

Learning the proper way to mow the lawn will help you keep your lawn looking its best year after year.

Mowing is one of the most important maintenance tasks for a lawn. It promotes grass growth and keeps it looking great throughout the spring, summer, and fall months. However, many homeowners don’t know that there is a right and a wrong way to mow a lawn. Learning the proper way to mow the lawn will help you keep your lawn looking its best year after year. Here are some tips to help you do just that.

Mower Height

Some homeowners opt for a very short height on their mowers so they don’t have to mow as often. However, depending on your turf type, this can leave the grass overexposed to sunlight which can be killer, especially during the scorching summer months. Aim for a mower height that as high as recommended for your specific turf type. Most common turf varieties will require the highest setting, although some may go lower. This will allow the roots of the grass to penetrate deeper into the soil, helping it to absorb essential nutrients and water. Plus, the higher height allows more rain and sprinkler water to seep into the soil, promoting health even during hot summer days.

Mowing Time

Mowing in the middle of a hot summer’s day is not just unpleasant for you. Your turf undergoes a lot of stress during the day, and this is increased dramatically when you mow it. On the other hand, mowing at the start of the morning is not really recommended either, as the turf is usually wet with morning dew. Aim to mow your lawn in the early evening – this allows time for the grass to recover from the stress of the mowing process. Plus, you’ll be keeping your mower in good shape from not having to deal with wet grass clogging up the works!

Leaving Clippings on the Lawn

If you bag your lawn clippings during the mowing process, it may be more beneficial to your lawn to leave them out. They break down quickly, and they return some healthy nutrients to the soil during the process. You’ll have to ensure that you mow often enough that these clippings are very small, though. Mowing less frequently and leaving larger clippings on the bed can stifle grass growth and suffocate the blades. 

Mowing From Sod

When planning to mow a new lawn for the first time from sod, ensure that you leave plenty of time for the grass to take root and grow. In general, 2-3 weeks is the timeframe to follow – test your sod by walking on the turf after giving it time to dry from watering. If it’s firm enough to walk on top of, it should be okay to mow. The professionals at Quantico Creek Sod Farm can give you expert advice on the best way to care for your newly laid sod.

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