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Spring Lawn Care: Steps to Foster a Great Lawn

Spring Lawn Care: Steps to Foster a Great Lawn Quantico&Creek

However, ensure you rake your lawn when the soil is dry to avoid pulling off the healthy grass.

Winter hits hard; it is evident on your lawn, kitchen, and flower garden. It is time to spruce up your yard as you wait for summer. Spring lawn care is quite an engaging task, and if you are not a DIY, you may need to call your landscaper to chip in.

That said, here are several steps to sprucing up your lawn during spring!

Raking & Dethatching

You may have done a great job in the fall, but you need to get your rake again during the spring. It is the perfect time to rake off leaves and general debris accumulated on your lawn. However, ensure you rake your lawn when the soil is dry to avoid pulling off the healthy grass.

Also, the winter season was harsh to your grass; some dead grasses sit between the healthy grass and the root system. So, if the thatch is more than a half-inch thick, you will need to take it off. Besides, the thatch creates a barrier stopping the grassroots from getting air, water, and nutrients, thus choking new growth. Also, thick thatch promotes pest infestations and fungus growth.


It is good to allow your kids and pets to play and run over the lawn but remember, such can compact your lawn soil. This makes the earth barren to the grassroots. The compacted soil prevents water, air, and nutrients from smoothly penetrating the roots. So, aerating your lawn helps ease the compacted soil to allow penetration of vital nutrients and air. While spring aeration is not recommended (it promotes weed growth), it is the only way to save your grass from drying due to soil compaction. So, you can use a simple hand aeration machine or engage a landscape to help aerate your yard.

Weed Control

There are two categories of lawn weeds, the annual weeds, and the perennial weeds. To control annual weeds, use pre-emergent herbicides and post-emergent herbicides for perennial weeds. Also, you can use the two herbicides to control crabgrass since this yearly weed is tough to handle.


Although seeding is mainly done during fall, you can fill the bare patches on your lawn in spring. After reseeding, ensure you have a regular watering and weeding program to allow the seeds to germinate.

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