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5 Weed Control Tips For Every Winter

5 Weed Control Tips For Every Winter Quantico & Creek

Always keep the grass thick for your lawn and uproot all the weeds as soon as they emerge.

Sometimes weeds sprout quickly during the onset of the spring. It may get you by surprise since the weather may seem to be unconducive to germination. However, most annual winter weeds actively germinate during the fall and winter seasons and quickly grow in spring’s onset. Therefore, you should practice the following measures to combat the winter weeds and keep your lawn or garden free from weeds.

Regular Maintenance Of Your Lawn & Garden

To keep weeds off your lawn or garden, you should adopt a strict schedule of maintaining them at all times of the year. Always keep the grass thick for your lawn and uproot all the weeds as soon as they emerge. In your garden, ensure you apply adequate mulch to suppress the growth of weeds. 

Maintain Healthy Roots

Healthy and robust grass-roots ensure that your lawn remains thick and can suppress the growth of weeds. To maintain healthy roots, make sure you fertilize and water your grass to stay robust and keep off the weeds. Weak roots compete with the weeds for nutrients and eventually are overshadowed by the weeds. 

Adopt Weed Control Techniques

There are some easy weed control techniques at your disposal. For instance, mulching starves the weed seeds by blocking the valuable sun in photosynthesis from penetrating thus, hindering their growth. Also, avoid non-targeted watering (use drip irrigation) to avoid watering the weeds. Lastly, limit digging/tilling to avoid spreading the weed seeds.

Herbicide Application

Herbicides are among the most efficient methods of controlling weeds. However, factors like the winter weed, grass type, and the weather determine the efficiency of the herbicide. Before winter weeds begin sprouting, you can apply a pre-emergent herbicide to target perennials’ seeds and root systems. 

There are two types of herbicides, natural herbicides, and chemical herbicides. Natural herbicides are highly recommended since they are environmentally friendly. However, some weeds develop resistance to certain herbicides. To prevent resistance from occurring, ensure you alternate between at least two herbicides. 

Manual Removal

You can easily remove most weeds with shallow roots— ensure you uproot all the weed traces but be sure to cause minimal disturbance to the grass. Uprooting the weeds as soon as they sprout is an efficient method to control them before seeding.

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