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4 Basic Steps to Lay Down Grass Sod

4 Basic Steps to Lay Down Grass Sod Quantico & Creek

As a result, you have to invest your time and energy in careful soil preparation.

Laying grass sod is not as complicated as landscape design, but it shares the same basic principles of planning and preparation. That said, laying sod can be a great way to cover over bare/barren areas of your yard. Indeed, using sod to transform your yard from an empty patch of weedy grass into a lush, green lawn is remarkably easy but requires some time and patience.

Maintaining your lawn with sod not only saves money, but it’s also greener for the environment – so you don’t have to worry about harming nature when landscaping. Laying grass is pretty straightforward once you know what needs to happen. Here are the four basic steps to follow when laying down sod!

Step 1: Soil preparation

Preparing the soil for sod installation is essential for creating quality, healthy lawns. It is probably the most important and demanding step. As a result, you have to invest your time and energy in careful soil preparation. This saves you money later and creates impressive results. Soil preparation entails:

  • Analyzing the soil 
  • Cleaning and leveling
  • Finding out what killed the old lawn in case it did
  • Removing existing property if need be

Step 2: Tilling

In this step, you turn up compacted soil to make the grass sod attach. Although we often think of ‘tilling the soil’ as an action that makes way for fresh growth, the process also plays a vital role in grass thriving by aerating their roots. 

For grass sod to absorb water efficiently and tap into nutrients at its roots, it must be adequately exposed through tilling. This is especially true for sod that relies on the ability of the soil to absorb and retain moisture before they put down deep enough root structures. After tilling, ensure you fertilize the soil and level up. 

Step 3: Purchase Your Sod

Freshly harvested grass sods last for a few days (short lifespan) before they start withering. We advise our customers to lay their sod as soon as possible after purchase.  

Additionally, ensure you buy your sod early in the morning or late in the day. This way, you will get the freshest and most recently harvested product from your local grass grow facility. Another great way to ensure an incredible deal on quality sod products is to purchase them directly from a farm-owned facility.

Step 4: Lay The Sod & Water

Having done all the necessary preparation, you can now lay down the sod and water. At least long seams as they help water channel and cause seams to split apart and become exposed, making it more aesthetically attractive. 

Butt in pieces tightly, leaving no gaps, as you put sod over the entire surface. Cut bits of sod with a sharp knife to fill in the gaps your brick pattern will leave. Sprinkler heads and odd forms will also be chopped with the knife. Any air pockets should be removed.

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