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How to Care for Newly Placed Sod

How to Care for Newly Placed Sod quantico creek

If you’re planning to have new sod delivered from a commercial sod farm this spring to start your lawn, read on for a great primer on how to care for newly placed sod.

If these warm days haven’t gotten you into the mood for spring, thinking about your lawn might. If it seems like a strange thing to think about in the middle of February, rest assured that a beautiful lawn takes a lot of planning. Since grass is a living thing, like all the other beauties you plant in your yard, you have to plan how you’re going to maintain it and encourage growth. Sometimes, the perfect lawn that you’re envisioning is going to take more than just cultivating the grass you already have. Some lawns require that you start from scratch – and the best way to do that is with new retail sod. If you’re planning to have new sod delivered from a commercial sod farm this spring to start your lawn, read on for a great primer on how to care for your new home sod.

Tips For Watering

Watering new sod is a Goldilocks situation. You need to make sure that you’re watering enough, but not too much. Too much water can lead to root rot while watering too little can lead to root shrinkage. It is best to start with saturated ground (dry ground will suck moisture out of the sod) and install the sod very early or in the evening when the ground is cool. After installation, water lightly on a regular schedule throughout the day. Space out your watering sessions throughout the day so that the roots have time to absorb the water each session. For each session, if the ground is still soggy 5 minutes after you’re done watering, you watered too much. Doing less more often is better than a few drenching soaks. 

Tips For Protecting

Protecting your new sod is an important task. One of the biggest things you can do to protect your new sod is to limit people walking on it. Walking on the sod before the roots have gotten established will cause damage to this fragile organism. Once the roots have been established, light traffic over your sod should not be an issue, but that can take some time. Usually, this takes a week or two, depending on your climate and how much you water. 

Tips For Fertilizing

Don’t fertilize sod right away, no matter how concerned you are with giving it a “boost”. Fertilizing provides extra nourishment once the roots are established, so you should wait about 5 weeks after installation. Choose a liquid fertilizer and continue to fertilize seasonally. Aerate your lawn 6 months after installation and then once a year after that.

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