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3 Lawn Watering Tips That You Need To Memorize

3 Lawn Watering Tips That You Need to Memorize Quantico Creek Sod

It may be challenging to get the exact answer to this question because of the differences in climate, altitude, and seasons.

For your lawn to thrive, you have to provide it with moisture, sunlight, aeration, and essential nutrients. Fortunately, moisture is not something to bother you during the rainy season. But the rainy season does not last forever. As a result, you will need to provide your lawn with sufficient water to attain a good moisture level for nutrient and water absorption. This raises three critical questions 

  1. When is the right time to water your lawn? 
  2. How much water is sufficient? 
  3. What are the ways to know that you have applied adequate water to your lawn? 

In a bid to answer the above questions, this blog article provides three lawn watering tips that you should memorize.

The Right Time To Water Your Lawn

Lawn care specialists recommend watering the lawn early in the morning and in the late afternoon. Watering in the early morning enables the soil to soak and the turfgrass to absorb enough water before the sun shines and causes massive evaporation. On the other hand, the day cools down as the sun nears to set, providing another suitable time for lawn watering. Contrarily, lawn care specialists warn against watering turfgrasses at night as it is a recipe for fungal diseases. 

How Much Water Is Sufficient?

It may be challenging to answer this question because of the differences in climate, altitude, and seasons. However, experts recommend that you give your turfgrass at least an inch of water weekly. If you are using sprinklers, you can quickly ascertain the amount of water you’re providing your turfgrass. Just place empty cans or mugs at an interval before you start irrigation. After completing the watering, take the cups and measure the collected water depth using a meter rule.

Ways To Know That You Have Sufficiently Watered Your Turfgrass

We have looked at the use of cans or mugs as a way to know whether you have sufficiently watered your grass in the above subtopic. The other simple method involves checking how far the water penetrates the soil by sticking a screwdriver into the soil every 15 minutes. Remember, for adequate watering, you should irrigate the lawn until the water soaks over six inches. Then, record the time it takes to soak six inches. 

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