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How To Prepare Your Sod For Fall

How To Prepare Your Sod For Fall Quantico Creek Sod Farm

In the height of the summer, it’s typically best that you adjust your mower to leave your grass a bit taller than you would otherwise.

The brutal summer heat can really take a massive toll on your turf. In fact, whether it’s mowing too frequently or watering your yard one too many times, there are some key ways your lawn can be a little lackluster. However, you can change that. The reality is, as the season finally begins to change, there are some key things you can do now to prepare your yard for the upcoming fall season. Here are some of the best ways that you can properly prepare your sod for the fall season.

Mowing Your Grass To The Proper Height

In the height of the summer, it’s typically best that you adjust your mower to leave your grass a bit taller than you would otherwise. In fact, taller grass will ultimately shade your soil allowing it to maintain its structure into the upcoming season. The reality is, the ideal mowing height will vary based on a variety of factors but knowing what to look for as you make the transition into the fall season ahead.

Make Sure You Water Your Lawn Enough

Watering your yard efficiently becomes increasingly important as the upcoming season approaches. In fact, proper water hydration is a necessary component of any healthy lawn.

Cleaning Up After Pets

If you have a dog or two or three, it’s important to clean up after all your pets. In fact, pets are known to cause dead spots in your lawn which could lead to poor lawn growth during the fall. 

Avoid Parking On Your Grass

Another way to quickly ruin your yard is to drive a car on it. In fact, driving or parking on your lawn is always a terrible idea. The reality is, driving on your lawn will then compact the soil leading to a myriad of other problems down the line. 

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, there is nothing worse than a lawn that you aren’t proud of. In fact, there are some key steps to take immediately to allow your soil to really thrive in the upcoming fall season. Ultimately, treating your yard with the proper care can make a world of a difference for your yard for many years to come. This way, you can rest assured that your grass and lawn will stay safe as the temperatures begin to drop. 

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