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3 Signs That Your Sod May Need To Get Replaced


3 Signs That Your Sod May Need To Get Replaced Quantico&Creek Sod

Most times, you’ll find that your sod is unhealthy and not the same fresh, green lawn you once knew.

With fall approaching, you may want to check in on your lawn to make sure your sod is beautiful and healthy. Most times, you’ll find that your sod is unhealthy and not the same fresh, green lawn you once knew. No need to worry any longer; in this blog, you’ll learn three signs that you should take into consideration so that you can replace your sod as needed.

You Notice Fungal Growth

One of the most critical warning signs with determining that your lawn has poor-quality sod is if you notice any fungal growth. Fungal growth can appear moss-like with an orange color, or you may see small mushrooms popping up from your lawn.

 Usually, when fungus grows, when sod has been exposed to too much moisture or the sod itself may have been poor-quality from the beginning. Although you may still treat your lawn with fungicide, this usually may cause more problems. Additionally, you’d be spraying harsh chemicals around your lawn, which could damage your animals or children. 

Sod Looks Like Plain Soil

Be sure to check if your sod is covered in or almost completely covered in soil. You can test your sod by grabbing a handful and letting it sift through your fingers. If you have good quality sod, it should contain minerals, roots with a bulky, slightly smooth consistency. You see, consistency means that the sod has the essential nutrients to produce healthy grass. If your sod is mainly made up of soil, it needs to, unfortunately, be replaced. 

Weed Is Starting To Grow

If you notice weeds growing on your lawn, this can be extremely bad and tip off your sod. Especially if you find it difficult to remove the weeds, your lawn could be in serious trouble. You see, when weed sprouts, this is usually because the sod is filled with moisture, which, as mentioned earlier, can be damaging to your sod.

Nevertheless, you’ll find that store-bought weed killer products will further damage and be harmful to your lawn. Therefore, it may be beneficial for you to replace your sod entirely to avoid further damage to your lawn. Doing so would help get rid of any weed problems you were facing with the old sod.

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