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How Do Mushrooms Affect My Grass?

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Mushrooms are a natural fixture of grass.

Once we start heading into the later summer months and early fall season, some lawn owners may start noticing some funny-looking anomalies among the blades of grass. They come in all sizes and shapes, and some are even safe to eat on pizza. Yep– we’re talking about mushrooms! Anyone who notices these funky fungi may immediately start to worry. Are mushrooms a weed that can harm my grass? Are they the sign of an infection underground? Or will they damage the soil that my grass needs to grow? All of these are legitimate and valid questions that may spring into your head the moment you see a mushroom appear. But all you’ll need to know about the effect of mushrooms on grass is right here in this blog!

What Do Mushrooms Mean?

Most of the time, seeing mushrooms on your grass actually is a good thing. After all, mushrooms tend to grow in areas where decaying matter is present, such as wood, leaves, or even old lawn clippings, which are all necessary for keeping the soil full of nutrients. Normally, mushrooms appear in the later summer after periods of heavy rains and humidity since mushrooms usually sprout within the grass after long periods of moisture combined with warm weather. 

Are Mushrooms Bad for the Grass?

In most cases, mushrooms are harmless and actually signify that your soil is healthy after long rainy periods. But, in certain rare cases, a condition known as “fairy ring” can develop in your lawn. Fairy rings are a circular formation of mushrooms that usually form around a dead tree stump or rotted piece of wood that may have been leftover in your yard. Essentially, within the fairy ring, excessive amounts of mushrooms grow under the soil, which can discolor your grass in a ring shape. To fix the fairy ring, try grass dethatching or lawn aeration. 

How Do I Remove Mushrooms from the Grass?

Some people like the look of mushrooms, but some, especially those with small children or pets, know that certain kinds of mushrooms can be dangerous to consume. And many other just don’t like the look, either! If you no longer want mushrooms on your grass, simply put on a pair of gloves and remove them individually, or use a low-set lawnmower to whack them off of their stumps. The faster the mushrooms are removed from the grass, the less time they have to release spores to spread around to other areas of the yard. So if that’s a concern, try to take care of them as soon as they appear!

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