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Follow These Kid-Friendly Backyard Tips After Sod Laying

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Trampolines are quintessential fun for kids, and can be placed right on top of your fully grown sod laying project!

It’s the summer, and we’ve got a little more than a month to go before the colder month of September settles in. That means it is still a great time to add some fresh, quality grass sod to your backyard! But, if you’ve already taken a step ahead by sod laying turfgrass either now or previously in the season, you may be now left thinking about some ideas about what to do with your backyard. Everyone knows most kids love to play outside, as they are naturally curious. And now that you have a clean slate lawn after sod laying, it might be best to look for some inspiration. Is the sod laying project in your backyard completed? Try adding these fun bonuses for some family-friendly fun!

Add Sporty Flair

Kids have so much pent-up energy, so why not have them learn and get some great exercise all at once? Outdoor sports are a great way for kids to expend their energy, and who knows, maybe they’ll like it so much they’ll want to play in a rec league come fall or spring? If your sod laying style suited it, try installing some various sports fixtures meant for playing on grass, such as soccer goalposts or a tee-ball stand. If your kids are a little older and feeling adventurous, maybe skip the sod laying in certain areas and make a homemade dirt bike course!

Outdoor Fun Furniture

There are plenty of kid-friendly fixtures that can be installed in your yard that won’t hurt your turf grass. While spending their energy, kids also love to be social with their peers, so why not give them a space to play with friends? For example, every kid loves jumping around on a trampoline. Plus, these fixtures are closed in and easy to keep an eye on in case a problem arises. Just make sure to occasionally move the trampoline around to make sure the surrounding grass can grow properly since the trampoline can cause a lot of shade. 

Sprinkler System

Water is crucial for plants to grow, so sprinklers should always be running during the hot and dry summers for practical reasons. However, kids also love to play in the sprinklers! Not only does it allow your sod laying to come to life, but it also provides a miniature water park for your children to play in. Keep everything, plant and person alike, cooled off in the summer using sprinklers. 

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