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Why Bermuda Grass is Perfect for Summer Sports

quantico creek sod farm bermuda grass

Bermuda grass is the optimal choice for hotter climate golf courses, but it also works great on other ball fields.

It’s finally summer! That means that the kiddies are out of school for a while, and since it’s still relatively early in the season, the days aren’t quite sweltering. This means that it’s the prime time for you and the kids in your life to be playing summer sports! One hour of moderate exercise can do immense things for your health, especially as we age, and summer outdoor sports can often do the trick! But sports can really take a toll on the turfgrass we play them on. Luckily, Bermuda grass is a perfect solution to this issue due to its durable nature. Here are some facts about Bermuda grass and why it’s a great choice for summer sports fields!

Its Heat Resistant

The best reason that Bermuda grass is the most suitable for summer sports is its natural heat resistance. In fact, Bermuda grass is so heat resistant that it usually thrives well, even in the hottest of states like Florida. On top of this, it also has very strong roots that can withstand quite a lot of foot traffic, which is important for any active outdoor sport, especially baseball or a casual game of football. Just make sure to always have a great way to water the grass, like with a sprinkler system. 

Golf Course Grass Screams Summer

One favorite pastime of many Americans is a nice, leisurely day at the golf course. Golf courses and country clubs have an air of classiness that most people love to indulge in once in a while. One great thing about Bermuda grass is that it usually is the same kind of grass that most golf courses use! Plus, since it is naturally resistant to uprooting, it can be driven on by many golf carts without being damaged or removed from the ground accidentally. 

Where Can I Use Bermuda Grass?

Bermuda grass is a perfect choice for sports fields, golf courses (including the fairways), and of course, your own personal lawn or yard. It’s really a great type of sod to install anywhere where there will be lots of foot traffic or games to be played. And, it’s not just good in the summertime; Bermuda grass is suitable for the ever-unpredictable Maryland weather all year round. Plus, Bermuda grass is one of the best types of grass sod to use for professional striping since it is relatively malleable when it comes to the striping process.

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