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Decorate Your Lawn for the Fourth of July With These Fun Tips!

quantico creek sod farm lawn

Even the youngest of family members can participate in your Fourth of July lawn party!

The Fourth of July is coming up soon, and this year, it’s on the weekend! Many companies are offering observance of Independence Day on the following Monday, so you’ll have three days to get that awesome family barbeque together! Even better, COVID-19 cases in Maryland just hit a record low, so that’s even more of a reason to celebrate and make up for last year! Want to learn how to dress up your lawn for the occasion this weekend? Look no further than this blog!

Hang Up the Flag

No Independence Day celebration is complete without repping the American flag! Make that banner flight high in multiple ways over your lawn. If you happen to have a flagpole in the front year, make sure to proudly put up the flag for the next few days. If you don’t, it’s just as nice to hang a flag from the rafters of your home or even from a tree or shed in your yard. If a large flag look isn’t for you, maybe try adorning your patio, deck, or beautiful grass lawn with patriotic red, white and blue themed decorations. If you have a fence surrounding your yard, consider hanging some mini-flags for some added ambiance. 

Decorate the Lawn Tables Outside

If you are planning on hosting a celebratory bonfire, pool party, or any sort of outdoor event on your lawn, decorating the tables is an absolute must! For a quick and easy centerpiece idea, try purchasing red, white, and blue ping pong balls or gumballs and placing them inside a clear plastic or glass vase. Then, instead of flowers, place a few small American flags and maybe some plastic confetti for a patriotic and fun decoration idea.

Take Care of the Lawn

Lastly, you should make sure your lawn is in tip-top shape before inviting guests over any part guests. You should try and mow the lawn regularly, but if you haven’t for a while,  a day or two before the event. Fill in that dead spot with some high-quality sod, and make sure to use some pesticides to keep out mosquitoes and other pesky summer bugs. One great way to quickly elevate the look of your lawn from everyday to professional is learning how to stripe the grass for the occasion! After the events have concluded for the year, make sure to fertilize your lawn to keep it strong and healthy after all the foot traffic. 

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