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Which Grass Should You Choose?

Quantico Creek Sod Grass to Choose

There are several varieties of grass to choose from, so consider which is right for you.

It might initially seem kind of strange to be choosing between different types of grass. I mean, grass is grass, right? Well, not really. Different types of grass come with different needs and profiles that should be considered before you decide which is right for your lawn. Whether you want a lawn you can keep green year-round, or one that eventually goes dormant but is low maintenance, we have the right grass for you.

Kentucky Bluegrass

Known as the “king of lawn grasses,” Kentucky Bluegrass looks amazing while being highly durable. This type of grass is often used on golf courses and in sports arenas due to its resistance to damage and ability to grow back quickly. This grass tolerates most conditions but can go brown and dormant when exposed to extreme heat and drought for long periods.

Tall Fescue

Tall Fescue is another grass that looks amazing, but its durability doesn’t match that of the Kentucky Bluegrass. This grass needs a lighter touch due to its low damage resistance and inability to grow back quickly, but it will produce a vibrant lawn when maintained correctly. It will also handle heat and drought better than Kentucky Bluegrass.


Known as the “South’s Grass,” Bermudagrass is vastly popular in the southern states. This grass is often found on golf courses and sports arenas, much like the Kentucky Bluegrass, due to its resilience and ability to outcompete most weeds. Bermudagrass will go dormant at the first frost, turning brown once the weather goes cold. It will, however, produce a vibrant and stunning lawn during the summer months.

Zoysia Grass

Zoysia grass creates a very dense, plush lawn for you to enjoy. This grass is more tolerant than Bermudagrass in some cases, staying green through some sun loss and being less susceptible to drought. This grass will go dormant in winter, but it will brown later than Bermudagrass and turn green in the spring rather than the summer. Due to its thickness, few weeds manage to get through a Zoysia sod layer and its higher tolerance means less maintenance.

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