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How to Aerate Your Lawn

Quantico Creek Sod Aerate Your Lawn

If it’s time to aerate your lawn, you’ll need some special tools and a little know-how.

Lawn aeration is a key component to a plush, healthy lawn that you love looking at and walking on. Pairing this with other important lawn care activities will give you the lawn you’ve always wanted in time for summer.

Do You Need to Aerate?

Late spring is the best time to check cool season grass lawns for compaction. If you have warm season grass, you should be testing and aerating in the fall.


One of the best ways to check if you need to aerate your lawn is to take a look at your root system. Dig up a patch of your lawn and check the root length. If your roots are 2 inches long or less, you should aerate. If they are long and dense, aeration isn’t needed.


Soil type also determines how often you need to aerate. If you have clay soil, you need to aerate it every year. This soil is very dense and your grass will struggle to root in it without the help of aeration.


If your grass is thin and patchy, aeration is needed. Grass that is struggling to grow might be doing so because it can’t properly root and needs the boost aeration offers so it can easily root deeper into the soil and absorb more nutrients.


In order to aerate, you’ll need a core aerator that is designed to pull up plugs of soil. This is the best way to aerate because utilizing spiked shoes or other methods simply won’t be as effective.


The lawn should be watered at least one day before aeration begins. Adding moisture to the soil will make it easier when it comes time to aerate.


You should aerate the same way you mow your lawn and push your core aerator in the same pattern. Be mindful not to miss any areas and do not remove the plugs from the top of your lawn. It won’t look nice, but the next rain will take care of the problem and the plugs will actually benefit your soil.


Once you’ve finished with your core aerator, it’s the perfect time to fertilize and overseed your lawn. Doing all of this will ensure a thick and healthy lawn before too long.

Professional Help

If you don’t have a core aerator and aren’t interested in getting one, or if this just sounds like more work than you have time for, call in the professionals. A professional lawn care service will be happy to test and aerate your lawn for you, even doing the extra steps of fertilization and overseeding so you can enjoy a beautiful lawn without losing a weekend to another chore.

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