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Should You Lay Down New Sod Before Summer?

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Laying down new sod before the heat of summer hits can ensure a healthier lawn throughout the year.

Spring is coming to a close soon to make way for summer, but is your lawn summer-ready? You might be thinking it’s about time to get that pressing lawn care done before the summer heatwave comes in full force, but you’re not entirely sure how to go about it. If your lawn is going to take a lot of maintenance to recover after the brutality of winter, it’s a good time to consider this opportunity to lay down new sod before summer.

Lawn Health

If you’re considering having sod installed before the summer hits, it might be due to your lawn being in poor health. Whether it’s been abused by the winter, or you’ve moved to a new home that has a spotty lawn with an unknown history, for some reason your lawn is in poor health and you need a solution. Spring is a great time for lawn care—overseeding, fertilizing, aerating, adding mulch, and watering are all components of important lawn care. However, maybe you’ve been doing this with substandard results or you just don’t have the time to put that much work into your lawn but you still want it to be dense and healthy for the summer months. This is a great opportunity to consider having that old, dead lawn removed and laying down fresh sod for a healthy lawn faster.

Seasonal Preference

The best time of year to lay down fresh cool season grass sod is in the early fall when the days are warm and the nights are cool. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t lay down sod in the spring. Spring is a great time to lay down sod once you’re confident the last frost has passed. Sod can be laid down in the summer, but it will need more upkeep to remain healthy due to the extreme heat and potential lack of shade. Keeping your lawn watered will be a key component in managing fresh sod during the hotter months. Cool season grasses should not be laid down during the winter months.

If you decide to lay down warm season grass sod then spring is the optimal time to do this, particularly when the temperature is between 65°F and 80°F. While warm season grass sod can be laid in the winter, it’s not an optimal time in colder climates that experience heavy snow and frost. Frozen ground will keep your sod from rooting, which could lead to poor health and a lot of maintenance once the spring thaw hits. In a cold climate, sod cannot be harvested during the winter months anyway so it will be difficult to find any during those months.

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