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Tips for Maintaining Fresh Sod

Tips for Maintaining Fresh Sod quantico creek sod

Retail sod is a great choice for a new lawn, but it requires a consistent effort to ensure it thrives.

Spring is the most common time for people to decide to work their homes’ exteriors, including working in their yards and gardens and trying to prepare their lawns for a long season of use. If your lawn is not as full, lush, and beautiful as you’d like, you’re likely considering either fully replacing or just patching the scraggly grass you’re currently dealing with. Generally, people decide between seeding their lawns or landscaping with new sod. Retail sod is a great choice for a brand-new lawn, but it does require a consistent effort to make sure that it takes root and thrives. Read on for some tips for maintaining your new sod.

Start Off Right

When you choose to invest in new sod, ensure you fully understand what you need to do to take care of it. Ask the specialists when you purchase it what you should do to prepare the lawn before it is delivered and installed. Generally, the soil needs to be loosened so that it is not too compacted, but don’t flood the area before rolling out the new sod (that just makes your yard a muddy mess and a hazardous place to work).

Water Regularly

Once the sod is rolled out and in place, the ground and the sod must stay consistently moist for several weeks. Make a routine for watering your sod and stick to it. Watering in the early morning or in the evening so that less of the water immediately evaporates in the heat of the day is ideal. However, if the days get hot, it might be necessary to water the sod midday to keep the ground moist. While it is important to water it regularly, you should not flood the ground – gentle, consistent watering is key. 

Wait To Mow

While in some cases you may be able to mow (and may need to mow) as soon as a week or two after installation, this is unusual. Generally, sod takes time to adjust to its new home and most of its energy in the first few weeks is going towards building a good, strong root system. Once it is well-established, it will start to gain height again. When you do start mowing, use a walk-behind mower since a riding mower could cause damage. Also, try to mow in the early morning or evening instead of at midday – mowing is stressful on the grass, so limit the other stressing factors like high heat.

Fertilize As Needed

While the sod is taking root, fertilizing with a fertilizer specifically for new sod can be helpful. Once your sod is established, fertilize as needed seasonally to keep it strong and healthy. 

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