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How to Store Your Sod

How to Store Your Sod quantico creek sod

Spring is here, and many people purchase new sod to beautify their yards.

Spring is here, and many people are purchasing landscaping supplies and new sod to beautify their yards. However, sometimes the supplies you ordered are delivered before you are ready. Here is what everyone should know about storing sod on their property before the installation process begins. 

Plan Ahead

Schedule your sod delivery carefully, as you want to make sure that you are able to install it in a timely fashion and that you avoid extremely warm temperatures that might do some damage. New sod is fragile, and it should be treated with care. If you don’t take care of your landscaping tasks fast enough, the pile of sod that you just had delivered will eventually turn into compost. Storing sod is easier when you plan things properly. 

Where to Place Your New Sod

Because sod is delicate, you should choose a shady spot for storing sod. Never leave new sod in direct sunlight, even for a short period of time. When you find a shady spot in your yard, simply stack the new sod there. Avoid covering up the pile of sod, as that can raise the temperature underneath the cover and lead to damage or start the composting process. 

Whether to Water Your Sod

Some people believe they need to water their sod for the best results, but that isn’t the case when stacked up. Your sod will leak out nitrogen, even when you are storing sod. This increases the temperature throughout the pile. As a result, adding humidity into the equation can create a hot, humid area in the sod pile that accelerates decomposition and damages the integrity of the landscaping material. 

Whether to Unstack Your Sod

If it’s a warmer day and you are concerned about the conditions that your sod is being exposed to, it’s totally okay to unstack the sod pallets. As long as the pile has been unstacked, you can lightly water the sod. By reducing the humidity and the temperature, it is easy for the sod to stay together. 

Get Your New Sod Ready for Installation

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