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Best Practices for Watering New Sod

Best Practices for Watering New Sod quantico creek sod

There’s a lot to consider and plan for when investing in new sod, particularly when and how often to water.

If you’re planning to lay retail sod this season in hopes of having a perfectly beautiful lawn all summer long, you’re likely spending a lot of time doing your homework right now. There’s a lot to consider and plan for when investing in new sod. Most questions people have about caring for and maintaining their newly installed sod for landscaping revolve around watering: particularly how much, how often, and when.

Installation Day

Finally, the day for installing your new sod has arrived! You might be tempted to saturate the ground in preparation for the new sod, but you shouldn’t do that. The result would be a slippery, muddy landscape that difficult to work on. Instead, after the sod is installed, water for about 45 minutes to encourage the sod to take good root. This should be long enough to water all of the sod thoroughly and for the water to filter down into the soil. You want the soil to be moist at least 3-4 inches deep. You need to pay special attention to the edges of the sod since those areas are less likely to be watered as thoroughly and more likely to dry out more quickly. 

The First 10 Days

Generally, it takes ten days to 2 weeks for sod to take root. After the first day, you should plan to water for about 20 minutes at a time, three times per day. Generally, you want the soil to be moist consistently all day for those first ten days, but not too waterlogged (since that can lead to root rot). Try to water during the early morning, in the evening, and then once during the middle of the day. There will be less evaporation in the morning and evening, so those are the most efficient times to water. Don’t forget that when it rains, you don’t need to water as much – you don’t want to overwater! As you approach the 10-day mark, you can start cutting back on the water a little. 

The Next 2 Weeks

You should still be watering during the next 2 weeks, but not as intensely. It is still best to water early or late to limit evaporation. Look for patches that might be drying out and focus more of your water on those spots. The goal is to shoot for about an inch of water per week (including rainfall) and allow the new root system to take healthy hold as much time as possible. During these first 4 weeks, do not mow, and try not to walk on it too much (including your dog, if possible).

Happily Ever After

After the first month, you should be able to treat your new sod like the rest of your beautiful lawn. 

The Sod You Need This Spring

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