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How to Tell When Your Lawn Needs New Sod

How to Tell When Your Lawn Needs New Sod quantico creek sod

Diseases, grubs, and harsh weather can leave your grass looking worse for wear. In those cases, you should explore residential sod.

If you do an excellent job maintaining your lawn, you can expect to enjoy it for at least a few decades. However, many factors make it challenging to maintain a perfect yard. Diseases, grubs, and harsh weather can all leave your grass looking worse for wear. In those cases, it’s a good idea to explore residential sod. How can you tell when your lawn needs new sod?

Patchy Grass and Bare Spots

Thin grass is one thing, but completely bare spots in your yard cannot be revitalized with simple fertilization. Instead, you will need to explore new sod for landscaping. There are many different reasons why your lawn might develop bare spots or patchy grass, including pet urine, insect infestation, increased foot traffic, weeds, or environmental conditions. The easiest way to immediately restore your lawn is with new sod.

Need New Grass

Another of the biggest reasons to purchase new residential sod is to have a new type of grass for your lawn. In some cases, the grass variety growing throughout your yard might not be the best for your area. If you want to switch the type of grass without needing to get rid of your lawn and start from scratch completely, sod for landscaping is an excellent solution.

Poor Soil Quality

If the soil in your yard is poor quality, it might result from a lack of nourishment over the years. When your soil is stripped of all nutrients, it must be supplemented before you can grow healthy grass again. If you have poor soil quality, sod is one way to get rid of your current grass, perform soil testing, amend the soil, and enjoy brand new sod that will thrive in your yard.

Incurable Disease

Sadly, some types of lawn diseases are not easily treatable. If you can eradicate the disease in your current lawn but must kill the grass in the process, residential sod is another excellent solution. We can help evaluate your current grass and ensure that your new sod is not at risk of developing the same disease that impacted your current turf.

The Sod You Need This Spring

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