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How to Care for Brand New Sod

How to Care for Brand New Sod quantico creek sod

Buying retail sod is an investment, so you must ensure you’re ready to do the work to make it successful.

If you’re looking out your window at all of those tufts of spring green grass shooting up with dismay instead of excitement, it might be because you hate your lawn. If years of trying to patch together the ideal lawn have left you with a quilt of different grass varieties and dirt sections, new sod might be the best solution. Buying retail sod is an investment, so you must ensure you’re ready to do the work to make it successful. If you can’t commit to the tasks of sod maintenance that your new lawn will need to thrive, then you may have just to keep dreaming for now. However, if you commit to the work, it’s time to make that lawn dream a reality.

Watering New Sod

Three factors to consider around watering your new sod is how much you water, when you water, and how often you water. The goal for about two weeks after you lay the sod is that the ground is always moist. This is harder to achieve in the summer since the sun dries everything quickly. Generally, it is best to water a few times a day for about 45 minutes, and you’ll notice the least evaporative loss if you water in the early morning or evening. Remember that the less that evaporates off of the blades of grass, the more water gets down to wet the ground. After the first two weeks, continue watering it daily, but it doesn’t have to be continuously moist. One more point about watering: do not overwater your property before installation. It can be tempting to “prep” the ground, but the reality will just be a muddy mess that is hard to work on.

Fertilizing New Sod

New sod appreciates the application of a quality fertilizer to help the root system grow strong. Use a liquid fertilizer so it is easier to get down to the roots where all the work is happening.

New Sod Taking Root

New sod should root in about 10-14 days, hence that 2-week window for intensive watering. During those two weeks, try not to allow people to walk on the sod. If you have dogs, try to keep them off the new sod as much as possible. You should also wait to mow your sod for about five weeks. Generally, all of the plant’s energy is growing toward the rooting process, so you shouldn’t have to worry about the grass getting too high in that time. Once the root system is secure, the grass can be mowed (but use a higher height setting).

The Sod You Need This Spring

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