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Getting Rid of Weeds Without Ruining Other Plants

how to pull weeds without damaging plants

Learn how to get rid of your weeds without damaging surrounding plants.

Killing weeds without messing with your other plants can be daunting and overwhelming. Since sprays are the most common way to kill your weeds, avoiding contact with your other plants can be extremely difficult. However, there are definitely ways to get rid of weeds without ruining surrounding plants. Here are some of the primary ways to remove your weeds without killing your other beloved plants.

Protecting Precious Plants

There are easy ways to protect your plants even when using a spray to kill your weeds. You can opt to spray the weed-killer when the air is calm. That means avoiding spraying on a windy or rainy day. Instead, spread your herbicide on a sunny, calm-weathered day. Early mornings tend to be the best time of the day to spray as well. But that’s not all. You’ll want to be careful when spraying your weeds in beds with any bulbs that have died back. This is because many bulbs can be easily damaged by weed killers even when they are dormant. You will want to ensure your other plants stay safe by cleaning and rinsing off the herbicide applicants after every use.

Properly Target Your Weeds

A key to properly getting rid of your weeds is to target them effectively and efficiently. Providing a nice and secure barrier with your spray can quickly help you sufficiently target your weeds without hurting your other plants. Placing a collar over your weeds is a great approach to take when looking to save your plants from getting infected with the weed-killer spray. Treating only these targeted weeds can help ensure you keep your plants safe and only get rid of those pesky weeds growing in your garden. 

Bottom Line

There is nothing worse than losing plants after trying your hardest to get rid of your weeds. Cleaning up your overall garden or lawn can be easier than you think. There are different tips and tricks you can try to ensure you are protecting your plants and only targeting your weeds. Being vigilant and having the proper planning techniques in place is a great way to have a happy lawn with plants galore. 

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