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The Basics of Healthy Lawn Care

The Basics of Healthy Lawn Care

How do you keep your lawn looking great all year long? Here are some lawn care tips for how to do it!

Taking care of your lawn doesn’t have to be difficult. But if you’ve never had a lawn to manage before, then you might not know what you are supposed to do. How do you keep your lawn looking great all year long? Here are some lawn care tips for how to do it! 

Understand the Soil 

Your lawn needs strong soil in order to thrive. Test the soil and turf on your lawn. Once you’ve done that, you can figure out the pH level. Take more time to inspect areas that look like they could be problems: for example, you could see bare spots or signs of moss growth. Dealing with them is an essential part of lawn care.  

Find Problems and Fix Them 

The next step is to find problems and then fix them. Soil amendments like lime can help balance out the pH level which will allow your lawn to grow stronger; this is because the grass can get more nutrients. You’ve also got to do what you can to fix bare spots on the grass – it could be damaged by summer heatwaves or drought conditions. One way to patch up your lawn is to use all-in-one products that combine grass seed, fertilizer, and wood mulch. 

Determine Which Grasses You Should Use 

After that, it’s time to determine which types of grasses you should use. This is why you should seed over the sod – it gives you more choices of what grasses you can grow. This also means you can control the durability and texture of the grass that you are standing on. One excellent grass to use for your lawn is bermudagrass, since it can withstand the high temperatures of summer. 

Seed and Feed 

Don’t overlook the importance of seeding and feeding. Overseeding the lawn and making your existing grass thicker may seem unnecessary, but it is worth the effort. Plant the seeds properly and don’t make easy mistakes such as planting the incorrect type of seed.  

Fight Off Weeds 

No one wants to weed the lawn, but proper lawn care demands that you do. Weeds and weed seeds can be a problem even only newly-planted lawns. Do what you can to kill broadleaf weeds and discourage the growth of other strains. 

Mow and Water 

This is the time of year where you need to mow your lawn more often. Just be sure to mow smarter and not harder. Mow based on the grass growth; you’ll want to keep bermudagrass short but in hot weather, leaving the blades taller isn’t such a bad idea. Also, be sure to water your lawn deeply but not too often or else the roots will become exposed. 

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