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June Lawn Care

Quantico Creek Sod June Lawn Care

Now that summer is officially here, lawn care is focused on basic maintenance.

Summer is here! Hopefully, you’ve spent the spring setting your lawn up for summer through fertilizing, mulching, aerating, and overseeding or laying down new sod. The completion of these important lawn care tasks will make the summer months much easier on you and your lawn, ensuring a season of fun on your dense grass. With all of those bigger jobs done, your June lawn care schedule will be a cinch.

Turn On Your Irrigation System

It’s time to fire up your irrigation or in-ground sprinkler system. The heat wave has hit, so ensuring your lawn receives 1 inch of water each week will keep it from being damaged by drought. Don’t forget to adjust for rain! Watering during a rainstorm isn’t just a waste of precious water, it can damage your lawn and leave it vulnerable to pests and disease. 

Raise Your Mower Height

In the spring, it’s best to cut your grass nice and short. Now that it’s summer, it’s time to raise the mower blade so your grass is 3-4 inches tall after mowing. This is important because it keeps the soil shaded from the sun, encourages deep roots, and allows your lawn to outcompete weeds. This simple change will save you a lot of time and effort later by setting your lawn up for success all summer long. It might be a bit higher than usual when you go to cut, but that just means your lawn is healthy and thriving.

Get Gardening

Since June is such an easy month for lawn care, it’s a good time to put some extra effort into a garden—whether it’s managing an established one or starting a brand new one. Some flowers that are best for planting in June include sunflowers and marigolds. If you want to start an herb garden, basil is in season. Beans, cucumbers, and summer squash are ready to be planted in a vegetable garden now that summer has arrived. Gardens require more work than a lawn since they are working on growing many different specialized plants, so if you’re someone who loves to be outside with the greenery, a garden will keep you busy all summer long. Throughout the summer season, it will need continuous weeding, watering, and pest management to keep all of your beautiful plants, herbs, and veggies healthy.

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