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Should You Apply Fungicide to Your Healthy Lawn?

Quantico Creek Sod Farms Fungicide Healthy Lawn

If your lawn isn’t showing signs of a fungal infection, is it worth it to add a fungicide?

Maintaining a beautiful and healthy lawn can be difficult when you have to constantly compete with lawn diseases and pests. In particular, fungal infections can run rampant even in well-maintained lawns and cause unsightly blight, brown patches, and excessive mushroom growth. If you have a healthy lawn, is it worth it to apply fungicide to protect it from fungal infections?

Brown Spot

The most common fungal infection for all lawns is the dreaded brown spot. This lawn disease creates unsightly circles of brown grass around your lawn, causing it to look patchy and poorly maintained. This fungal infection is most prominent during weather that is hot and humid, especially when the night temperature is staying above 60°F. If your area is near water or experiences a lot of summer rain, this fungus might be a significant problem for you and your healthy lawn.

Other Fungi

Many other fungal infections such as fairy ring or dollar spot could rear their heads, hijacking your lawn’s nutrients and causing damage that will need to be reversed. These fungal infections could cause issues such as mushroom growth, brown patches of varying sizes, and lesions on the grass itself. There are many different types of fungal infections that can affect all lawn types. While brown spot is the most common, different weather patterns can yield different fungus growth that could negatively affect your lawn.


It is never a bad idea to apply fungicide to your healthy lawn. The headache of fungal infections is that they crop up depending on specific weather patterns, so it doesn’t matter how well you maintain your lawn—it is always at risk of suffering from an invasion of fungus that can leave it damaged.

Since fungal infections are tied to the weather, you can also skip the fungicide and wait for the problem to correct itself, but damaged areas will have to be repaired. There are also options for targeting the specific problem you’re experiencing, which requires proper diagnosis and expert advice on how to deal with the issue.

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