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Taking Care of Fresh Sod

Quantico Creek Sod Farms Fresh Sod

Taking care of your fresh sod, especially in those first two weeks, will ensure the best result for your new lawn.

Fresh sod has very different care requirements than options like overseeding. Sod can be a bit delicate if not handled correctly, so it’s important to talk to your sod farmers and take the necessary steps to ensure that your new sod lawn has the best chance to establish and stay healthy.


Watering is the most important thing you can do for new sod, so it’s best to take the time to do it right. If you don’t water enough, your sod will struggle to establish itself and may wilt. If you water too much, you’ll drown it and leave it vulnerable to pests and disease. The best way to water new sod is with an irrigation or sprinkler system. These offer consistent, even watering across the entirety of the lawn, ensuring the health of every inch of grass.

On the first day of installation, you’ll want to water more heavily to give the soil a nice thorough soak. Soft, moist soil is critical because it allows your sod to root and establish. If the soil is hard and dry, the roots won’t be able to get into the soil and the sod won’t properly establish. More water will be needed the hotter it is when you install, so keep this in mind. Rather than doing a single massive watering, it’s best to do 2-3 large-scale waterings that day.

After the first heavy watering, normal watering should be sufficient to keep your soil soft and your sod healthy. During especially hot months, don’t be afraid to give your lawn a bigger drink of water to combat how quickly the summer sun will dry out. If you have an irrigation system, setting it to your usual summer schedule should do the trick.


After about 12 days, stop watering your sod. This will help the ground firm up a bit before you go to mow. By now, your sod will have begun to establish and it’s time to give it a nice cut. Check the information for the grass type you laid down to figure out how high your mower blades should be before you get to mowing. You can mow your new sod after two weeks, or around 14 days so you’ll have the water off for a day or two before you do this for the first time.

Why It’s Important

The first two weeks are the most important once you have laid new sod. Ensuring that your soil is ready to be rooted and making sure the sod is establishing properly with frequent watering will give you the best possible results and offer a beautiful, dense, and healthy lawn that you love.

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