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Why You Should Buy Certified Sod

Why You Should Buy Certified Sod quantico creek sod

The best way to ensure a great result from your sod installation is to purchase certified sod.

If you are ready to purchase new sod for your property, many choices are available. While you might find cheap options online, you get what you pay for with commercial sod. The best way to ensure a great result from your sod installation is to purchase certified sod. How is certified sod different, and why should you buy it?

Varied Grass Species

When you purchase certified sod, you will know it is the correct type of grass for your sod installation. Certified commercial sod has been inspected to ensure you are getting what you think you’re getting. Some lower-quality sods mix together different types of turf grass. Mixed turf is notoriously difficult to care for and maintain compared to a single species. As a result, it’s always a good idea to purchase certified sod.

No Weeds

Weeds can be a major headache when you complete a sod installation, which is common in low-quality sod. Weeds can reverse the effects of your commercial sod installation and make your yard look even worse than it did before. By purchasing certified sod, you can rest assured that weeds will not be present.

Grown with Care

Certified sod cannot just be grown by anyone, and purchasing commercial sod that has been formally certified is an excellent way to ensure that it has been grown under high standards and specifications. All certified sod must obey a long list of industry standards encompassing harvesting and growing periods.

Certified Sod Protects You

Unfortunately, no federal or state laws protect you against commercial sod that is not what it claims to be. This means that you have limited recourse if your sod installation is a disaster due to the quality of the sod you purchased. By choosing certified sod, you know that you are getting the product you intend to get, and in the rare event that a mistake occurs and something is wrong with your sod, you will have more recourse.

Get Your Yard Ready for Summer!

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