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Tips for Keeping New Sod Hydrated

Tips for Keeping New Sod Hydrated quantico creek sod

By watering sod correctly, you can experience better overall lawn care results.

Installing new sod in your yard is a great way to revitalize your property and increase curb appeal instantly. However, it requires proper care to make sure that it lasts in the long term. By watering sod on your property correctly, you can experience better overall lawn care results. Here are some of our best tips for keeping your new sod hydrated. 

Know the Signs of a Problem

One of the most essential parts of watering sod and overall lawn care is rapidly identifying problems. By recognizing the signs of drought, you can stop your new sod from damage. Some of the most common signs of a problem include footprints that linger on the surface long after you finish walking, changes in the color or appearance of the lawn, and thinning grass. The average lawn with established sod needs about 1-1.5 inches of water weekly. 

Water New Sod With Care

New sod needs special lawn care, as it is going to be disproportionately at risk of damage from improper watering. Some signs of underwatering include browning, brown edges, and wilting grass. You should act quickly when you spot signs of underwatering in your new sod. 

Increase the frequency you are watering and ensure you are watering it deeply enough. You can expect poor results if the water cannot penetrate the roots. Additionally, you should check the soil’s moisture levels throughout the day. This can help you pinpoint when specific problems are happening so that you can adjust your watering behavior. 

Check Your Watering System

If you are using an irrigation system for watering sod, you should check it to ensure it works correctly. If a sprinkler is turned in the wrong direction or your system has a blind spot, it can damage new sod in a specific area. This is particularly important during breezy times of the year, as the wind could unintentionally change where your water is landing. 

Get Your Yard Ready for Summer!

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